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Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing strategy is essential to development of successful websites, social media and e-communication plans.

Whether you have a well thought out marketing plan, or you need help developing one, the YP team will use our expertise to assure you establish measurable outcomes. Your online messaging, goals, and objectives will contribute to achieving your marketing goals.

For most of our clients, measurable outcomes include:

  • Establishing and tracking visits and engagement levels
  • Consistentally high placement results when potential customers search for your product or service
  • Increase in inquiries, conversions, and, if e-commerce or fundraising is included, sales
  • Awareness and response to what is being said about your  business in social media
  • Consistent use of visuals, colors, tones, and content to establish a brand presence
  • Data capture, reporting and analysis measuring customer satisfaction

YP clients become partners. 

Case Study


This leading adventure tour company, specializing zip lining, based in Thailand and serving Southeast Asia, had a website, Adwords campaigns, analytics, social media, press releases and customer feedback when we were brought on board. But none of it was integrated and no measurable goals had been established.


Goals and Objectives achieved in the first six months:

  • The website can now be updated easily in a CMS, so pricing and content is accurate.
  • Adwords spending is the same, but has produced eight times the number of impressions, clicks and conversions
  • Analytics are summarized and reported monthly and results are used to improve content, search results, build links, post to forums where referrals are high and develop strategy in multiple countries around the world
  • Pages are translated into five languages to improve conversions and interest in target markets
  • A new Facebook page has promotion in place with a 400% increase in ‘likes’ and engagement
  • Reviews on influential sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and various adventure forums are monitored. Trip Advisor issued a Certificate of Excellence based on reviews posted by customers
  • Press release publishing in the media has increased over 600% and a tool is in place to both place and know who is using the information
  • Customer feedback is being conducted electronically on location

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