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Point of Service Portable Survey Technology

Programmable battery operated, hand-held, user friendly survey technology.

Get higher response rates with no manual data entry ever again using YP portable, electronic, point of service survey technology.

Since 1989, we have been leading the way in technology exclusively designed to collect customer feedback at point of service. We offer a range of durable, secured, portable survey tools. You will increase response rates because it's fun and easy to use.

Your Perceptions provides complete implementation services, from survey design through to reporting and analyzing of findings.

Available for rental for days, weeks or months. 

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Key Components

  • Easy loading and downloading of surveys using YP proprietary QWriter™ software.
  • Eliminates manual data entry from paper surveys
  • Multiple response, rank order and branch questions
  • Security built into each unit to prevent theft
  • Battery operated - rechargeable
  • Capture text and comments with our alpha keyboard units 
  • Hand-held, palm sized technology for realt-time polling and results.

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